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Interested in becoming a better web designer? You simply need to know the proper tools and the proper design principles. This course will teach you everything you need to know!

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Anyone can build websites in 2019. How will you separate yourself from everyone else?

When you become a better designer you set yourself up for so much more success. You can charge higher rates, and only take the jobs you want to take and turn down the potential nightmares. Sound good? I want to help you become a better designer and I truly believe anyone can make great looking websites when they utilize the design principles that I will teach you in this course.

Ashley Swanson

Course Instructor

Course Overview

Do you want to learn to make better web designs in order to attract better clients? This course if just for you! In this online course, I will teach you how to become a better web designer without the need for coding or design school!


Getting Started - The Essentials

If you dread that moment early in the design process where you sit and stare at your screen wondering how to make your new project look good, then this session should be very helpful. We’ll cover everything from finding inspiration, wireframing, helpful tools, specific questions to ask yourself to ensure your site is on point. 

Course Introduction – Preview
Finding Inspiration – Preview
Marketing 101 – Content
Grunt Test
Establishing a Design Style
Creating a system
Helpful Links & Resources


Web Tools

I really mean it when I say ANYONE can develop websites. This session is designed to get you started with the best tools that allow you to build your sites with extreme easy AND extreme speed (which allows you to make more money, faster). 

WordPress – Getting Started
Elementor – Introduction
Elementor – Best Features for Building Fast & Easy
Essential Plugins for Your WordPress Site
Learning CSS Basics
Before You Launch


Layout & Spacing

Before you can make things look nice, you have to make sure they are all in the right spot and have the proper amount of emphasis. In this session we’ll cover everything from hierarchy, white space, contrast and other essential layout details to make sure your designs stand out and are highly effective for the user. 

Creating Hierarchy
White Space is Your Friend
Creating Contrasting Sections
The Power of the Overlap
Let it Breath, Bruh
Avoid Ambiguous Spacing
Zoom Out
Case Study



Stop wasting your time trying to find nice looking fonts. The truth is a nice looking font won’t look nice if you don’t use proper sizing, spacing, line-height, etc. This session helps you know exactly how to use your fonts and I give you a great list of fonts that work really well together and helps you achieve the look you’re after. 

Introduction – The Importance of Good Typography
Understanding px, em, and rem
Setting Scale
Choosing the Right Fonts
Readability – Best Practices
Stop Making Me Read (!)
How to Design Lots-o-Copy Landing Pages


Design Best Practices

You know it doesn’t look good but you just can’t put your finger on why it doesn’t look good. This session will help you master the why and give you the tools to clean your designs up in order to really up your design game. 


Design Styles Overview

Nailing the Hero Image & Above the Fold


Understanding Drop Shadows


Creating Texture and Using Background Patterns

Case Study

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not happy with what you learn from this course, I’ll refund you your money — no questions asked.

Course Features

You’ll learn a lot within each session of the course but beyond each session, here are some other items you’ll get access to.


Join the facebook group where you can ask questions, share your thoughts, and learn from other members of the course.


As a part of joining this course, you'll walk away with a variety of free resources (web templates, color pages, best fonts for design, etc.).

One-on-One Feedback

The class will have the opportunity to give you feedback on your designs but you'll also be able to request one on one feedback from me.

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