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TL,DR: I’m launching an agency.
Check it out here.

Audacious? Naive? Courageous? Smart? Dumb?
These are the sorts of questions that go through my mind when I think about the fact that I’m launching a marketing agency. The reality is it could be some sort of combination of them all. Full transparency – it’s a bit nerve-wracking and I have some serious imposter syndrome happening with it but those are all the reason to not do something.

It’s funny how we always think of the reasons not to do something, rather than the reasons TO do something. My reasons for doing this are that I need something a bit more scaleable and something that can have a bit of a geographical footprint (my hometown of South Bend, Indiana). It’s harder to do that as a freelancer.

So, here it goes. I’m taking the leap and becoming that guy. I’m excited, nervous, naive, and reluctant — all at the same time. I’ll still be here from time to time to write articles and make videos but it may be even less frequent.

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